Music Lessons in Winston-Salem

Pro Music Lessons in Winston-Salem!

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Winston-Salem Music Lessons

Beyond simple ‘music lessons’…

Music Lessons at The School of Voice! Inspire greatness. Develop character. Cultivate artistry. Weekly, in Music Lessons. Right here, in Winston-Salem.

Winston-Salem Music Lessons

A focused way to get started or master an instrument. Music Lessons provide personal guidance offering concise concepts and easily manageable assignments–building on weekly successes.

Music Lessons are tailored to conquer the many facets of playing, making learning to play music… fun.

Music Lessons for aspiring and emerging musical artists.


Beginner Music Lessons

Learn to make music. Discover your instrument.

Professional Music Teachers

Inspiring music lesson programs. Grow as a musician. Get the inspiration you need. [/fourcol_two] [fourcol_two_last]

Music Lessons in Any Genre of Music

Practice playing music you love! Develop the confidence for those once in a lifetime opportunities.

Easy, convenient, & fun Music Lessons!

Learn to make music in weekly Music Lessons. Collaborate one-to-one with expert artists. [/fourcol_two_last]

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About the Music School

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Where music is first!

A community of musicians and educators in Winston-Salem, experts in voice, guitar, piano, bass, and more!
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Winston-Salem, NC

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Explore all Music Lessons:

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Voice, Piano, Bass & Guitar

Music Lessons taught by highly-trained and enthusiastic music teachers! Most Music Lessons are available in home or in studio in downtown Winston-Salem, NC.

Music Lesson Programs

Unique curriculum for every student.

 Music Lessons available Monday through Saturday.


Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons are one-to-one–inspiration, learning, & performing. In-home or in-studio.

[button link=”https://katrinapfitzner.com/courses/voice-lessons/winston-salem/”]Voice Lessons[/button]

Learn more about Voice Lessons programs in Winston-Salem.

Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are one-to-one–inspiration, learning, & performing. In-home or in-studio.

[button link=”https://katrinapfitzner.com/courses/music-lessons/piano-lessons/winston-salem/”]Piano Lessons[/button]

Learn more about Piano Lessons programs in Winston-Salem.

Guitar Lessons

Private guitar lessons are one-to-one–inspiration, learning, & performing. In-home or in-studio. Acoustic guitar or electric guitar.

[button link=”https://katrinapfitzner.com/courses/music-lessons/guitar-lessons/winston-salem/”]Guitar Lessons[/button]

Learn more about Guitar Lessons programs in Winston-Salem.

Bass Lessons

Private bass lessons are one-to-one–inspiration, learning, & performing. In-home or in-studio. Acoustic upright bass (double bass) and electric bass guitar.

[button link=”https://katrinapfitzner.com/courses/music-lessons/bass-lessons/winston-salem/”]Bass Lessons[/button]

Learn more about Bass Lessons programs in Winston-Salem.

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Winston-Salem Music Lessons


Private music lessons in the Triad of North Carolina.

Serving Winston-Salem, and much of the Triad with professional Music Lessons, including:


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  • Kernersville, NC
  • Clemmons, NC
  • Lewisville, NC
  • High Point, NC
  • King, NC


At home or downtown Winston-Salem, NC

All private music lessons are available in home around Winston-Salem for added convenience.


Winston-Salem Community Music Groups

Glee Club!

Glee Club! is our most popular community music group. For vocalists, sing, perform, have a blast every week!

More about Glee Club!


Request more information about the community

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