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Bass Lessons

Connect with an Expert Bassist

Take Your Playing To A New Level

Connect with an Expert in Bass Technique and Theory to help enhance your skillset. From beginner bass players to advanced professionals, find the right teacher or mentor who can break down intimidating concepts into actionable steps using musical styles that speak to your inspiration and imagination.

The Journey Starts Now

Take control of your playing today

Learn how proper technique, form & tone together influence sound. Or, explore finger style & chord progressions used by professional musicians all over the world. Gain invaluable insight from knowledgeable experts on topics like jazz theory, improvisation techniques, rhythm, reading exercises, and more!

Unlock Your Potential as a Player

Learn Bass Guitar with Private Lessons

Discover the power and beauty of playing the bass guitar with private lessons that are tailored to your individual needs, goals and musical tastes – whether it be rock, blues, jazz or classical styles! Our experienced teachers provide you support in developing technique over all six strings as well as learning sheet music reading or tabs reading skills. 


Develop Your Voice and Find Your Sound

Go beyond the fundamentals and explore your full potential. Our vocal coaches are here to help you find your unique sound, develop it confidently, and perform powerfully. We understand that each individual is unique in their vocal needs – we specialize in tailoring our programs to fit those needs.