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Voice Lessons in Greensboro

Explore your unique voice and learn to sing. 1-to-1 voice lessons with a private voice teacher. Unlock your singing potential with our award-winning voice program right here in Greensboro.

One-on-One Guidance

Greensboro's Trusted Voice Lessons Program

One-on-one guidance, where you learn to sing with proper vocal technique. Work on range and control, and on stage presence, breathing technique, audition success, and performance preparation.

Our top-tier teaching staff of experienced industry professionals are dedicated to guiding each student, provides one-on-one lessons tailored to every individual. From opera to pop, regardless of your preferred genre, our students learn and develop the skills they need to succeed.

Musicianship Development

Aspiring Voices Flourishing in a Nurturing Environment

In Greensboro, voice lessons  nurture a community atmosphere that thrives on collaboration. Through interactions with fellow musicians, students are inspired to evolve and push themselves to new heights independently.

Targeting Personal Milestones & Preparedness

Greensboro's Voice Lessons Curriculum

Nothing is more important than student success. Every week, grow and learn as a singer. From the first voice session, through to the big audition–coaching you every step of the way!

Our curriculum caters to your personal music tastes and goals. The support you need to find your unique voice.

A completely unique plan for success, from start to finish. Work quickly to build a firm musical foundation. Students are prepared to utilize their vocal instrument for the rest of their lives and are driven to explore their true voice.

Music Moves All Ages

Voice Lessons Open to All Ages & Skill Levels

In our community, every student shines. At The School of Voice, our Voice Lessons program in Greensboro welcomes individuals of all ages and all skill levels.

Our belief is that the love for music and self-expression through singing transcends age or experience. From young children humming their first tune, to professional musicians brushing up, it’s never too late or early to follow your musical aspirations.

The Greensboro Music Community

Voice Lessons

Enrolling in our Voice Lessons program connects you with a large and vibrant community of learning musicians. Our interactive one-to-one voice lessons, community events, recitals, and performances allow students opportunities to demonstrate their talents, learn collaboratively, and create lifelong memories.

Where music is first.

Proudly serving the greater Greensboro area and surrounding regions. If you reside in any location in Guilford County, or nearby to Greensboro, please get in touch!

This is just a selection of the areas we serve near Greensboro:

  • Summerfield
  • Oak Ridge
  • Stokesdale
  • Colfax
  • Jamestown
  • Burlington
  • …and more!

Generally speaking, we offer the Voice Lessons program to all locations nearby to the Greensboro area.

2pm-8pm Monday – Friday
10am-8pm – Saturday
Closed Sunday

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