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Voice Lessons in Savannah

Singing is about more than scales and vocal exercises. Singing incorporates your entire being into an expression that, at some point, becomes art. It invigorates you; cultivating new emotions & developing skills that last a lifetime. [fblike url=”” style=”button_count” showfaces=”false” width=”140″ verb=”recommend” font=”verdana”]

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Voice Lessons Savannah GA



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Voice lessons are available for this semester & registration is easy! Complete your registration online now.

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Join our community of learning musicians in Savannah!

Call: (912) 388-6800

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What’s in a Voice Lesson?


Pro quality voice lessons

One-on-one guidance. Learn to sing with proper vocal technique. Work on your vocal range and voice control, and gain confidence on stage, master breathing technique, audition success, and performance preparation. [/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one]

Inspiring success

Nothing is more important than your success. Every week, you will learn and grow as a singer. From your first voice session, through to the big audition, we’ll be there, coaching you every step of the way.

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Creativity drives the individual

Music enhances creativity. Singing lessons will inspire the artist within you. You’ll sing what you love, every session growing stronger as a creative individual, developing a sense of artistry & culture.[/fourcol_one] [fourcol_one_last]

Easy, convenient, fun

Unlike other vocal training programs, school come to you. Bringing all the tools for success to your home. With added comforts like top-quality modern instruments and creative learning materials, we work hard to make every voice session easy & fun.


Private, One-on-One Voice Lessons


In-Home Voice Lessons

Private voice lessons are perfect for busy families and everyone preparing for a future in vocal performance. Everything comes to you! Learn in a natural and relaxed environment: your home.

Inspiring confidence while learning, we creatively achieve goals in a safe & comfortable environment.

Real Singing

We’re going to do a lot of singing in every voice lesson. The focus is on the individual. Together, we will explore the depth of your voice in an engaged & immersive experience. [/sixcol_two] [sixcol_four_last]

Singing Lessons in Savannah, GA



Success driven curriculum

Our technique comes from an intensive classical training, but the same core is used across all vocal genres. We work closely with each student, helping them to build a firm musical foundation. From this foundation, students are prepared to utilize their vocal instrument for the rest of their lives and are driven to explore their true voice. [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]

Technology, all inclusive

Integrating technology into the learning environment is very important to the way we teach. Engaging students with multimedia experiences, we bring home new perspectives on music from around the globe. HD video and audio recordings are available for voice lessons, so students can re-visit and study their session.

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Savannah GA Voice Lessons - Savannah

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Any musical style or genre

Voice Lessons for any genre! As a dedicated and classically trained musician, I understand the stylistic differences for each musical genre. My approaches adapt teaching techniques for your preferred genre and style; I am comfortable training young children, teens, and adults focused on any genre.

  • Opera
  • Classical
  • Musical Theatre
  • Pop
  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Many more!

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Voice Lessons in Savannah

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A creative approach to traditional voice lessons that develops the character & individual artist

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Looking for Vocal Coaching?

Available for pre-audition warm-ups, rehearsals, and on-location. Learn more about Private Performance Coaching services available in Savannah.

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Savannah Ga Voice School

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Contact Us

Voice Lessons in Savannah at The School of Voice

All ages and any skill level. Don’t be afraid to contact us to discuss your goals.

(912) 388-6800

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Let’s get started

Voice lessons are available for this semester & registration is easy! Complete your registration online now.

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Voice Lessons in Savannah


Savannah, GA

Private Voice Lessons Hours

2pm-8pm Monday – Friday
10am-8pm – Saturday
Closed Sunday

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Savannah Voice Lessons – with the pros!

We proudly serve a large region around Savannah. If you are unsure about us serving you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

All of Savannah and all of Chatham County. We also serve Bryan County, Effingham County, much of Jasper County, and most of Liberty County.


Savannah singing lessons

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  • Savannah, GA Voice Lessons – Available
  • Ardsley Park, GA Voice Lessons – Available
  • Bloomingdale, GA Voice Lessons – Available
  • Garden City, GA Voice Lessons – Available
  • Pooler, GA Voice Lessons – Available
  • Port Wentworth, GA Voice Lessons – Available
  • Chatham County, GA Voice Lessons – Available
  • Bryan County, GA Voice Lessons – Available
  • Richmond Hill, GA Voice Lessons – Available
  • Pembroke, GA Voice Lessons – Available
  • Effingham County, GA Voice Lessons – Available




Get ready for Voice Lessons, Savannah!


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