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April 2, 2013

When a young artist is just beginning the discovery of performance, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The obvious choice for most young children is to join a children’s choir or audition for the big community theatre companies within their area. This is great, but the choir experience may not give your star-to-be the chance to showcase their talents individually, and it’s often difficult to “break-in” to the bigger theater companies if you are unknown to them.

There are a few spots in Winston-Salem that are perfect for testing the waters of performance that are geared specifically for children.

The Children’s Theater of Winston-Salem

The Children’s Theater of Winston-Salem is a great organization for your child to learn the art of performance, with a chance to make some great new friends and gain excellent networking connections. They offer classes for children as young as 3 up through 12th grade, with wonderful day camps all summer long. Classes offered in everything from navigating a stage to improvisation techniques.

Lewisville Summer Drama Camp

Joy Dorsey Rushton and Margaret Williams offer a wonderful camp for ages 8-13. The camp runs for 2 weeks with 2 performances at the end of the session to show off all the hard work. If your child loves to sing, dance, and act, this is the perfect camp for them to attend.


Creative Drama Children’s Theater

The Creative Drama Children’s Theater is located in Clemmons and offers classes in dance, acting, and musical theater, as well as putting on numerous productions throughout the year. Your child will learn skills for improving performance with an ensemble and gaining confidence for stepping into those bigger auditions.

Stained Glass Playhouse

While The Stained Glass Playhouse is not a theater dedicated to children, they always do a giant summer musical with numerous parts for youngsters and teens. I am honored to be Musical Director for their production of “The Music Man” in summer, with rolls for up to 20 children. This is a great company to get involved with that often goes overlooked.

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