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Jobs & Opportunities

Opportunities for music teachers in NC are available now. Teaching opportunities are for several locations across North Carolina.
Our network of educators works with the brightest young talent in the state. Have full access to the best tools and resources available. A community that inspires passionate young musicians to go for their dreams.

Current Opportunities

North Carolina

Music Teacher – Any Instrument

Brass, winds, strings, etc. beginning to advanced. Work with students who are looking to continue their studies for band or orchestra and pursue their instrument as a profession.

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Music Teacher – Voice (singing) Speciality

Any genre/specialty. Pop, classical, country, R&B. Looking for individuals who can work with strong singers pursuing a career in singing. Specific voice specialities are welcome and encouraged.

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Music Teacher – Piano Speciality

Classical, jazz, contemporary, composition, individuals who are skilled in piano technique and performance.

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Music Teacher – Guitar Speciality

Guitar in any style/genre and including variations such as electric, classical, jazz, etc.. The ability to instruct on guitar playing for singing is greatly preferred.

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Music Teacher – Drums/Percussion Speciality

Drum set, classical, jazz, electric/digital and any other specialities welcome. Students are looking to improve technique and performance.

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Music Teacher – Bass Speciality

Upright or electric in any style/genre. Students are active in emerging bands and performance careers.

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Chorus Leader

High energy and enthusiasm for group performance. Any musical style/genre is welcome. Encourage and motivate groups of talented singers in a cappella, to show choir, to small chamber groups.

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