About the School

A vibrant & supportive community of musicians.






Cultivating confidence & artistry

A network of professional artists to collaborate with our students one-to-one, developing voice, creative vision, and musical artistry. Programs are designed to inspire and foster creative development with the tools and experts to make it happen.

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Pre-professional & professional musicians

Every student is given a unique curriculum with a series of programs created to meet their goals.

Students enter our school every year without ever singing a note. For some, we are the beginning of the journey; others depend on us to take them further in their careers.

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Where music is first!

Every year our students go on to perform around the world as professional musicians: see them on TV, hear them on the radio, and you’ll see them in our studios. Our staff of experts work collectively to bring the training, opportunities, and support our students need to succeed.

Explore our music programs.

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About the Founder

Katrina Pfitzner finds it her purpose to fuel a love and appreciation of music.

More about Katrina.


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