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Guitar Lessons in Winston-Salem

Explore the guitar. Learn to play. Guitar Lessons with a private guitar teacher. 

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Guitar Lessons in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem’s Guitar Lesson Pros!

Learning to play guitar is more than tabs or chords. Guitar lessons cultivate something more…

It all starts today!

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Winston-Salem Guitar Lessons – Guitar Lessons in Winston-Salem with Pro Guitar Teachers.



Guitar Lessons Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem Piano LessonsPrivate. One-to-One.

Learn to play guitar in Winston-Salem from expert guitar teachers. Every guitar lesson is tailored to each individual student’s needs. Grow and achieve goals with music.

What to expect from guitar lessons in Winston-Salem

  • Play popular music and songs you love!
  • Learn from pro guitar teachers.
  • Customized curriculum for every student.
  • New exciting guitar lessons every week!
  • Regular performance opportunities:
    • Guitar student recitals
    • Guitar group concerts
    • Community events
  • For all ages and any skill level from beginner to advanced.

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About the Winston-Salem Guitar Lessons Studio

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About the Guitar Lessons


One-to-One Guitar Lessons

Learn to play guitar with an expert. Gain control of your instrument. Find what it takes to rock your next audition. A mentor.

Inspiring Creativity & Success

Grow as a guitarist, week after week. Through to the big audition, get the  inspiration you need. [/fourcol_two] [fourcol_two_last]

Star Quality

Practice on stage using pro tools. Develop the confidence for those once in a lifetime opportunities.

Easy, convenient, & fun

Play guitar & learn to play guitar. On-stage or in-home! Learn what it takes to be a star, one-to-one with experts. [/fourcol_two_last]

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Guitar Lessons

Winston-Salem, NC

The guitar experts.

A team of musical professionals in Winston-Salem–experts in guitar, voicepiano, and more!

All Music Lessons


Our guitar studio where we do guitar lessons in Winston-Salem, NC. Private guitar lessons for all ages.

305 W. 4th St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

[typography  size=”22″ size_format=”px”](336) 618-7138[/typography][/twocol_one_last][/fivecol_two_last][twocol_one]Winston Salem – Guitar Lessons

Guitar Teachers

Private guitar lessons with a guitar teacher highly skilled in playing and teaching guitar. All guitar instructors are confident in their craft; they inspire confidence in each student they work with.

Learning guitar with a professional guitar teacher.


Professional Guitar Coaching

Looking for a guitar coach in Winston-Salem? We’re always available for professional coaching. Contact us today about your guitar coaching needs.


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