Bass Lessons in Winston-Salem

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Winston-Salem Bass LessonsWinston-Salem Bass Lessons

Weekly pro Bass Lessons. Meet weekly, in your home, with a Pro Bass Teacher.

Bass Lessons Winston-Salem

Providing professional quality Bass Lessons to the entire Winston-Salem area, including all surrounding communities.

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Winston-Salem Bass Lessons

Offering Winston-Salem bass lessons for all ages and all abilities. Any skill level, from beginner bassists to pro performing artists.



Pro Bass Lessons in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem Bass Lessons

Private. One-to-One.

Learn to play bass guitar in Winston-Salem from Winston-Salem’s expert Bass Teachers.


Winston-Salem Bass Lessons - ICONUnique Curriculum for Every Student

Every weekly Bass Lesson is tailored to each individual student’s needs. Grow and achieve goals with bass.


What to expect from Bass Lessons in Winston-Salem

  • Play popular music and songs you love!
  • Learn from Pro Bass Teachers.
  • Customized curriculum for every student.
  • New exciting bass lessons every week!
  • Regular performance opportunities:
    • Bass student recitals
    • Bass group concerts
    • Community events
  • For all ages and any skill level from beginner to advanced.

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