Glee Club!


Welcome to Glee Club! 

Glee Club! is a community organization for students. It is open to all ages.

Live Musician Accompaniment

Every week, you’ll work with the area’s best professional musicians, choreographers, and vocal coaches. Each week’s a concert!

On Stage!

Sing the songs you love, on stage, every week! Performing, practicing, learning, we work as a team. Find your spotlight in a welcoming community!

Local Rehearsals, Big Time Performances!

Each week, we’ll get together and rehearse. Regular performances at community establishments, meet your peers, find a mentor, and grow with our community.


Not sure if this is for you?

Want more information about Glee Club!? Get information about our free community organization.

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Glee Club! is an opportunity for singers to gain experience performing & collaborating with other musicians.

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Glee Club!

Glee Club! is a community music project at The School of Voice.



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