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Voice Lessons for Adults

Professional one-on-one voice lessons for adults of any skill.

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The Voice Lessons Program made for adults.

Embracing Adult Learners in Voice Lessons

From beginner to expert singers.

In our community, vibrancy shines. Our belief is that the love for music and expressing through song transcends age or experience.

It’s truly  never too late to follow your dreams of singing.

#1 Adult Voice Lessons Program

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adult Voice Lessons

What ages are accepted into your program for adults?

We believe that it’s never too late to pursue your passion for singing, and so we welcome adults of all ages into our program. Whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s, a novice singer or a seasoned musician, our tailor-made lessons are designed to cater to your unique needs and skill level.

We pride ourselves on our flexible, nurturing learning environment, bolstered by our team of experienced instructors who adapt to each student’s pace and musical interests.

In short, if you’re an adult with a voice and a dream to sing, our program is here to guide you on a transformative journey, one note at a time. So why wait? Singing knows no age limit! Explore the power of your voice today.

Yes, absolutely! We are fully committed to making your musical journey as convenient and efficient as possible. That’s why we offer online voice lessons tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Our comprehensive virtual training platform means you can learn and grow at your own pace from the comfort of your home or wherever you might be. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone.

Our seasoned voice instructors provide real-time feedback and personalized lessons, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of vocal education, no matter where you are. With our program for adult voice lessons, geographical boundaries are no restriction to accessing top-tier vocal coaching. We believe in the power of your voice—and we’re here to help you believe in it too.

Not at all. Starting your online voice lessons is straightforward and doesn’t require any complex equipment. What you need are:

  1. An stable internet connection: This is the primary necessity – a reliable and stable internet connection for uninterrupted, real-time vocal coaching.
  2. A camera and microphone: Your laptop or smartphone already have these built in. They allow your instructor to see and hear you, providing invaluable feedback on your performance.
  3. A quiet, comfortable space: While not exactly “equipment,” a conducive learning area helps you focus on your lessons.
  4. Quality headphones (optional): While not a necessity, a good pair of headphones can improve the audio quality of your lessons.


In the beginning, using your phone/laptop/ipad/device’s microphone and a pair of regular headphones is ample for your needs. As you progress, you might consider investing in a better quality external microphone for enhanced audio clarity, but this is optional and not a barrier to getting started or making excellent progress.

All levels of singers are welcome here, including those of you embarking on your vocal journey for the first time! We understand that starting from scratch can seem a bit daunting. That’s why our professional instructors bring the perfect balance of warmth, patience, and expertise to their sessions.

Beginners will be gently guided through the fundamentals of vocal training, from learning how to control your breathing, understanding pitches and tones, to developing a unique singing style that resonates with your personality.

Remember, professionals were once beginners, too. We celebrate the courage it takes to be a beginner singer at an adult age and firmly believe that with consistent effort and our expert guidance, you will progressively hone your skills and gain confidence.

So, whether you’re just dreaming of a future filled with music, or already living it – we’re here to support your musical journey in every possible way. Everyone starts somewhere, and this could be your starting point!

Investing in voice lessons (especially as an adult) is an investment in personal growth, skill development, self-confidence, and often a lifetime of singing. While it’s hard to put a price tag on these invaluable benefits, we strive to make our programs affordable and worth every penny.

The cost of our voice lessons for adults varies based on multiple factors, such as the length and frequency of lessons, the level of instruction, and any specific goals you may have.

To get a clear picture of your investment, register today and find the perfect program that fits your needs and aspirations. Upon registration, you’ll be able to view all pricing details for your specific program and explore our flexible payment options.

Remember, the real value lies in what these lessons can bring to your life – a chance to foster creativity, express yourself freely, and unlock the wonders of your unique voice. Explore today, and let your voice be heard!

The frequency of your voice lessons depends on several factors, including your specific goals, availability, and budget. However, as a general recommendation, most adult students find that one lesson per week works well for them. This regularity allows for consistent progress while giving enough time between sessions for independent practice and vocal rest.

Remember, the journey to vocal proficiency isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Consistent, well-paced practice is the key to solid, lasting progress. So it’s not just about how often your lessons are, but how effectively you utilize the time between those lessons to practice and reinforce what you’ve learned.

However, if your goals are more ambitious or if you have an upcoming performance, you might benefit from scheduling lessons twice a week.

Ultimately, we strive to offer flexible lesson plans that fit into your lifestyle and cater to your specific learning needs. After all, we’re here to make sure your journey in learning to sing is as enriching and enjoyable as possible!

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