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Voice Lessons for Kids

Professional one-on-one voice lessons for children of any skill.

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Voice Lessons made for children,
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Our voice lessons for children are tailored to be engaging and entertaining, while providing structured educational content. We offer flexible scheduling and personalized lesson plans to cater to each child’s specific needs and progress levels.

Young Singers Finding Their Voice

We all start singing somewhere,
this might just be the place.

Our professional instructors tailor their teaching to cater to each child’s unique voice, pace of learning, and musical interest. They use a rich variety of fun songs, engaging activities, and playful exercises to keep lessons exciting and motivating.

We place a strong emphasis not just on improving your child’s singing ability, but also on enhancing their self-confidence, discipline, creativity, and appreciation for music. Parents love how our lessons positively influence their child’s overall development.

Trusted Voice Lessons for Children of Any Age

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We believe that every voice deserves to be heard and cultivated. And as experts in providing enriching, enjoyable, and effective voice lessons, we ensure that students of any age can explore and express their vocal talents freely—igniting a passion for music that lasts a lifetime.

Common Questions from Parents

How young can children start with voice lessons?

Children can start exploring and practicing their vocal skills as young as five or six years old. However, it’s essential to ensure the teaching approach is age-appropriate, fun, and nurturing to foster their love for music from an early age.

Many vocal coaches recommend starting voice lessons from the age of seven or eight. However, each child is unique, and it’ll depend on their attention span, physical development, and interest in music.

Voice lessons help children develop not just their singing skills, but also their self-confidence, discipline, and creativity. These lessons can also enhance their sense of musicality, rhythm, and timing. Moreover, the ability to perform in front of others can be extremely beneficial in boosting their overall confidence.

A typical lesson would usually involve warm-up exercises, vocal workouts to improve techniques such as pitch and volume control, and possibly working on a song of choice. Our teachers aim to make every class engaging, enjoyable, and tailored to the child’s level of understanding and interest.

We find that daily practice, even if it’s for a shorter span of time, is more beneficial than sporadic longer practice sessions. Starting with 15 minutes a day can be very effective for younger students, increasing the duration as they grow older and more focused.

Not at all. Starting your online voice lessons is straightforward and doesn’t require any complex equipment. What you need are:

  1. An stable internet connection: This is the primary necessity – a reliable and stable internet connection for uninterrupted, real-time vocal coaching.
  2. A camera and microphone: Your laptop or smartphone already have these built in. They allow your instructor to see and hear you, providing invaluable feedback on your performance.
  3. A quiet, comfortable space: While not exactly “equipment,” a conducive learning area helps you focus on your lessons.
  4. Quality headphones (optional): While not a necessity, a good pair of headphones can improve the audio quality of your lessons.


In the beginning, using your phone/laptop/ipad/device’s microphone and a pair of regular headphones is ample for your needs. As you progress, you might consider investing in a better quality external microphone for enhanced audio clarity, but this is optional and not a barrier to getting started or making excellent progress.

Absolutely! Your support and involvement can be a positive influence on your child’s learning journey. We also encourage open communication between parents and instructors for feedback or any concerns about the child’s progress. However, during lessons, it might be useful to let your child interact independently with their teacher to build confidence and individual learning skills.

Parents play a critical role in their child’s musical journey. Providing them a supportive environment, encouraging regular practice, showing interest in their progress and celebrating their achievements can greatly foster their love for music and boost their confidence.

Remember, we’re here to guide you and your child every step of the way in this exciting musical journey. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Our children’s voice lessons are competitively priced to provide the best value for your investment. The cost varies based on several factors, including the duration, frequency of lessons, and the specific curriculum designed for your child.

Upon registration, you’ll be able to view a detailed pricing structure, and explore a variety of plans and flexible payment options.

Our programs are not merely transactional; they are transformative experiences. Each lesson is a vital step in cultivating your child’s musical talent, boosting their confidence, and imparting crucial life skills including  discipline, patience, and resilience.

Ultimately, the true value of voice lessons lies not just in the cost, but in the growth, development, and joy your child will experience on their singing journey with us.

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