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Greensboro’s music lesson program is open to all-ages and any skill-level. Find your community.

Learn about the Programs & Music Lessons in Greensboro

Learn to Sing & Play Music

Learn the Art of Music with Professional Lessons in Greensboro

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, we have music lessons to suit your needs and goals. Our professional instructors are skilled in all areas of popular and current music. Explore the world of performance arts by learning an instrument from scratch or fine-tuning one mastered years prior! 

Master Your Craft

Private Voice Lessons

Unlock the beauty of your voice with singing lessons from our experienced instructors. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced singer, we can help take your vocal game up a notch and get you on track for success in the world of performance singing—from refined technique to simple tips & techniques that will help bring out more emotion in your sound.

Learn Piano or Keyboard

Private Piano Lessons

Whether it’s mastering classical sonatas or playing songs by ear – You’re sure to find amazing piano instruction here! Our friendly staff is well-versed pianists working hard alongside self motivated learners striving towards true creativity connected through mastery over this beloved instrument!

Expert Guitar Instruction

Private Guitar Lessons

Our guitar teachers are experts at helping students reach their particular goals while connecting them with wonderful instrument they ultimately endear themselves too! Learn everything from chords strumming styles, fingerpicking patterns, songwriting methods & even some theory basics along the way depending what works best for each individual student’s learning style.

Find Your Groove in Greensboro

Private Bass Lessons

Explore the world of groove and rhythm with private bass lessons in Greensboro. Our experienced instructors offer guidance to help you improve your playing technique, develop skills for precision down to the right notes at the right time

Your Go-to Voice Expert

Develop Your Voice and Find Your Sound

Learn the fundamentals and explore your potential. Our vocal coaches are here to help you find your unique sound, develop it confidently, and perform powerfully. We understand that each individual is unique in their vocal needs – we specialize in tailoring our programs to fit those needs.

Recent Resources for Musicians in Greensboro

Greensboro has a thriving music scene with plenty of great options for live performances. From cozy bars to large amphitheaters, you'll find something for everyone.

Music Lessons Greensboro

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About the Music School

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Music Lessons Greensboro

Where music is first!


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Greensboro Music Lessons

A focused way to get started or master an instrument. Music Lessons provide personal guidance offering concise concepts and easily manageable assignments–building on weekly successes.Music Lessons are tailored to conquer the many facets of playing music, making learning to play music… fun.[cmwizard menu=71 title=”All Greensboro Community Music Programs:” exclude=”2624″ /][/fivecol_three] [fivecol_two_last]Greensboro[/fivecol_two_last] [fivecol_one] [/fivecol_one]  [fivecol_three] 

Music Lessons Greensboro ––– Greensboro Music LessonsPrivate Music Lessons in

Voice, Piano, Guitar & Bass

Music Lessons taught by highly-trained and enthusiastic music teachers! Most Music Lessons are available in home or in studio in downtown Greensboro, NC.

Music Lesson Programs

Unique curriculum for every student. Music Lessons available Monday through Saturday. 

VoiceVoice Lessons

Private voice lessons are one-to-one–inspiration, learning, & performing. In-home or in-studio.[button link=””]Voice Lessons[/button]Learn more about Voice Lessons programs in Greensboro.Piano

Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are one-to-one–inspiration, learning, & performing. Piano & keyboard. In-home or in-studio.[button link=””]Piano Lessons[/button]Learn more about Piano Lessons programs in Greensboro.

GuitarGuitar Lessons

Private guitar lessons are one-to-one–inspiration, learning, & performing. In-home or in-studio. Acoustic guitar or electric guitar.[button link=””]Guitar Lessons[/button]Learn more about Guitar Lessons programs in Greensboro.

BassBass Lessons

Private bass lessons are one-to-one–inspiration, learning, & performing. In-home or in-studio. Upright bass (double bass) & electric bass guitar.[button link=””]Bass Lessons[/button]Learn more about Bass Lessons programs in Greensboro.

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Greensboro Music Lessons

Private music lessons in the Triad of North Carolina.

Beginner Music Lessons

Learn to make music. Discover your instrument.

Easy, convenient, & fun

Learn to make music in weekly Music Lessons.

Professional Music Teachers

Inspiring music lessons. Hand-picked, Certified Music Teachers. 

Any Genre of Music

Practice playing music you love!

One-on-One Lessons

Collaborate one-to-one with expert artists. 

Private Music Lessons for aspiring and emerging musical artists.

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Music Lessons in Greensboro

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Music Lessons in Greensboro, for all ages!


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