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February 2, 2013
Singers Tea Recipe

Tea For Singers – The Perfect Throat Coat Tea Recipe

Since I follow a no-gluten diet, I have given up on most commercial teas and just make my own blends. I make a loose-leaf tea that I put in a tea ball, and the combination of ingredients provides the perfect soothing tea after a long day of singing.

Singer's Tea Recipe


Singer’s Tea Recipe

½ cup Chamomile Flowers
¼ cup Mint Leaves
¼ cup Hibiscus Flowers
2 Tbsp. Lavender Buds
2 Tbsp. coarsely chopped Star Anise


The mint cools while the chamomilelavender, and star-anise work together to provide a deep and soothing sensation. The hibiscus makes the water turn a bright, pinkish-red color, and gives off a wonderfully fruity flavor. This blend is perfect for a nice relaxing evening tea, or good for giving the throat a nice coat early in the morning. Caffeine free, singers tea.


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