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Make your performance a success with private on-site Vocal Coach in North Carolina

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North Carolina Vocal Coach - Katrina Pfitzner School of Voice

North Carolina

On-Site Vocal Coach

No matter where in North Carolina or when, we’ll be there for you, helping you achieve your greatest potential.

Auditioning for ‘The X Factor’, ‘American Idol’ or for your school’s spring musical, our professional coaches will help you do your best.

Travel is no problem, one of our spectacular coaches will be able to be on-site with you in many cities across North Carolina.

Need some guidance through your recording session? No problem, we can be there, making sure each take improves and has the star-quality you have the potential of achieving. No matter the genre, style, occasion, time, or location, our North Carolina vocal coaches are ready to help.


Having a personal coach

Guiding you through your performance career–across North Carolina. From the mountains, across the piedmont, and to the sea–your vocal coach is a mentor to depend on.

Better than any cheerleader

Gain confidence and perform better. Our coaches know the business, they’re professionals.

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North Carolina Vocal Coach

Anywhere in North Carolina, whenever you need it.


Big audition coming up? Your vocal coach will warm you up, run through the audition process with you, and be there, cheering you on after you’ve had the best audition of your life.

Sound Check

That sound-check rehearsal making you nervous? Your vocal coach will be there helping you to ease the transition from studio to stage, making sure you look and sound as beautiful as you are.


Tech-week fears go out the window. Your voice coach will be there to ease the transition to your new stage, costumes, microphones, and spacing issues. Giving you notes and coaching you through to make sure your performance will come out on top.

Opening night!

Your coach can be there–cheering you on, warming you up for your big performance, and helping you get through any last minute jitters, and sending you out on the stage confident and ready to give the performance you are worthy of.

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Every step, along the way.

From the audition to the performance, your vocal coach will coach you through every step of the process, giving you confidence, & helping you shine in your big moment. [/sixcol_three] [sixcol_one]

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  • Auditions

  • Recording Sessions

  • Rehearsals

  • Tech Week Rehearsals

  • Opening Night Performances

  • Recitals

  • Weddings/Special Occasions


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Available Vocal Coaching in North Carolina

North Carolina cities:

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