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Best Audition Opportunities in Charlotte

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March 30, 2023
Explore the best audition opportunities in Charlotte. From professional theater companies to community choirs, Charlotte has a vibrant performing arts scene that is always looking for new talent.

Charlotte is home to many opportunities for actors and actresses. Here are some of the best audition opportunities in Charlotte:

From professional theater companies to community choirs, Charlotte has a vibrant performing arts scene that is always looking for new talent. Whether you’re an experienced actor or a novice singer, there are plenty of audition opportunities in the city for aspiring performers.

Queen City Theatre Company

Queen City Theatre Company produces a variety of plays and musicals throughout the year. They offer open auditions for their productions, which take place at Actor’s Theater of Charlotte.


The School of Voice Charlotte

The School of Voice Charlotte offers vocal training, as well as audition preparation. They have open auditions for their programs on a regular basis. Auditions do typically take place in the fall and spring months.


Charlotte Symphony Chorus

The Charlotte Symphony offers open auditions for its chorus. They are always looking for talented singers, with a wide range of skill levels. They focus on helping singers and musicians find their voice, build technique, and gain confidence in their craft. Auditions typically take place in the fall and spring.


Belk Theater Auditions

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center offers regular auditions for its productions at both Belk Theater and Stage Door Theater. These auditions are open to all skill levels and types of performers.


Theatre Charlotte

Theatre Charlotte is a community theatre that offers performances year-round, as well as open auditions for its productions. Auditions are typically held several weeks before the start of rehearsals, and all actors receive a stipend for their work.

“No matter the show, no matter the role. We encourage anyone – and we mean anyone – to come out for an audition for any of our upcoming performances.”


Opera Carolina

Opera Carolina holds open auditions for its operas and recitals on a regular basis. They are committed to nurturing young talent, and all singers are welcome to audition.

If opera or classical music is your specialty, Opera Carolina’s auditions can offer the exposure and experience you need. It’s an excellent platform to showcase your talent in front of industry professionals.


Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

Children’s Theatre of Charlotte is one of the nation’s top theatres for families, serving nearly 300,000 people each year with imaginative productions and wide-ranging education offerings for all ages.

This theater company holds regular auditions for musicals, plays, and workshops geared toward children ages 4-18. They are always looking for talented young actors and actresses to join their casts!

“Do you have what it takes to be part of a nationally recognized Theatre for Young Audiences? Children’s Theatre of Charlotte is looking for passionate, talented, and committed actors to bring our stories to life.”


Carolina Actors Studio Theatre

The Carolina Actors Studio Theatre is a professional theatre company that produces works by local playwrights, as well as classic and contemporary plays. They host auditions for their productions on a regular basis.


Charlotte Concert Band

The Charlotte Concert Band offers auditions for its performing groups throughout the year. They accept all skill levels, and they are always looking for new members!


Charlotte Actor’s Guild

Though focused on acting, this group and their Facebook group often post singing voice opportunities, especially for those with acting and singing skills.


Charlotte Music Club

The Charlotte Music Club holds auditions for its community orchestras, bands and choirs throughout the year. They are always looking for talented singers and instrumentalists of all skill levels.


Levine Jewish Community Center in Charlotte

The LJCC Art & Culture Department hosts a community theatre program for all ages, which often includes musicals. The Art and Culture Coordinator, Randi Seffinger can be reached at or calling (704) 554-2046 with questions about casting calls and opportunities with their program.

Website for casting calls:

Finding an audition opportunity in Charlotte

Check Backstage

Typically, the listings on the Backstage website for the latest auditions and casting calls in Charlotte are some of the freshest. This should be a frequent stop for any aspiring musician looking for opportunities to perform around Charlotte.

So, if you’re an aspiring actor or musician looking to start your career in Charlotte, now you know the best audition opportunities to take advantage of. Good luck!

NC Theatre Conference

The North Carolina Theatre Conference (NCTC) is a fantastic resource for finding auditions and other opportunities in Charlotte and throughout the state. NCTC hosts auditions annually, where hundreds of theater professionals gather looking for fresh talent.

Website for casting calls:

Charlotte Culture Guide

Keep an eye on Charlotte Culture Guide’s events calendar for casting and audition announcements. They also have theater, music, and other performing arts listings that might offer potential audition opportunities.

Website for Charlotte events and casting announcements:

Check some of the Charlotte Facebook groups for performers, casting calls, and auditions

Groups like the Charlotte Indie Auditions (job listings: casting, crew), Charlotte Musicians, and Charlotte Artist & Performers include announcements and posts about auditions and casting calls. Many posts are shared by fellow musicians, directors, and bands, so they’re only seen there.

Making the most of every audition opportunity in Charlotte

If you need a little guidance and support, or would like to further develop your singing skills before your auditions, we’re here to support you in your journey. Our comprehensive programs are tailored to fit musicians of all proficiency levels and genres.

Here’s to your musical journey in the vibrant city of Charlotte!

Remember, auditions are not only about the outcome but also the experience! They provide valuable lessons, feedback, and opportunities to understand and improve your craft. Each audition is a building block towards your success, so approach them with a positive mindset, ample preparation, and, most importantly, a passion for your art.

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