Audition Workshop – The Music Man at The Stained Glass Playhouse

Open & Free Workshop: Auditioning for a Musical. Brought to you by Stained Glass Playhouse and their upcoming production of Meredith Willson’s “The Music Man”.

Saturday, May 4th & Saturday, May 11th. 1–3 pm

Learn about the show, which parts you might want to audition for, appropriate audition materials, and how to have a successful audition. All ages are invited!

Musicals are a great way to break into the world of theatre. You will meet new friends, gain a new community of supporters, network, perform and sing on stage, and above all, have lots of fun!

Music ManA free workshop open to the entire community!

What: Auditioning for a Musical 101 – “The Music Man”

Where:  The Stained Glass Playhouse
4401 Indiana Ave.
Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Who: Katrina Pfitzner, in conjunction with The Stained Glass Playhouse.

When: Saturday May 4 & 11, 2013 1-3 pm

Cost: FREE


We welcome you to attend. Please RSVP: (336) 618-7138.

Audition Spots for Children in Winston-Salem

When a young artist is just beginning the discovery of performance, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The obvious choice for most young children is to join a children’s choir or audition for the big community theatre companies within their area. This is great, but the choir experience may not give your star-to-be the chance to showcase their talents individually, and it’s often difficult to “break-in” to the bigger theater companies if you are unknown to them.

There are a few spots in Winston-Salem that are perfect for testing the waters of performance that are geared specifically for children.

The Children’s Theater of Winston-Salem

The Children’s Theater of Winston-Salem is a great organization for your child to learn the art of performance, with a chance to make some great new friends and gain excellent networking connections. They offer classes for children as young as 3 up through 12th grade, with wonderful day camps all summer long. Classes offered in everything from navigating a stage to improvisation techniques.

Lewisville Summer Drama Camp

Joy Dorsey Rushton and Margaret Williams offer a wonderful camp for ages 8-13. The camp runs for 2 weeks with 2 performances at the end of the session to show off all the hard work. If your child loves to sing, dance, and act, this is the perfect camp for them to attend.


Creative Drama Children’s Theater

The Creative Drama Children’s Theater is located in Clemmons and offers classes in dance, acting, and musical theater, as well as putting on numerous productions throughout the year. Your child will learn skills for improving performance with an ensemble and gaining confidence for stepping into those bigger auditions.

Stained Glass Playhouse

While The Stained Glass Playhouse is not a theater dedicated to children, they always do a giant summer musical with numerous parts for youngsters and teens. I am honored to be Musical Director for their production of “The Music Man” in summer, with rolls for up to 20 children. This is a great company to get involved with that often goes overlooked.

6 Life Skills Taught through Music

6 life skills through musicThere is so much more to musical training than just learning an instrument and performing on a stage. By starting music at an early age, your child develops life skills that will drive a certain attitude of success into their adult lives.


The most useful life skill music inspires is confidence. Every success from practice and performance increases confidence, and private study is the most useful confidence builder for immediate achievement. Your child’s improvement with their instrument and successful performance is a sure way to build confidence into adulthood.


It is inevitable that your child will be part of an ensemble at some point in their musical career, whether it be accompanying someone on the piano, singing in a musical, or playing as part of the orchestra. By working in an ensemble, your child learns that their part is critical to the ensemble’s success. Every person plays a key role in the success of the performance, and they must work together to make that success happen.


Learning an instrument can become a challenge at points. Certain phrases may be difficult to play or sing, you may not get every role you audition for, and you will certainly feel at times that you should just give up and quit. By working through these obstacles with an expert, your child will gain the perseverance to overcome said obstacles and lead on towards success, not only with their instrument, but in life.


When a child starts learning a new piece of music, they imagine in their head how that music is supposed to sound. They create in their head ideas and concepts for how they should perform, and the exposure to new sounds increases a flow of imagination. Artistry develops and leads to new ways of thinking and working the brain. Creativity is one of the most powerful tools your child can develop.


Developing focus is integral to music training. Working with a teacher, practice, and performance all require a child’s full attention. One-on-one instruction at an early age increases the ability to focus on a set task with a guide to lead the way. From there on out, they are improving their focus each and every time they pick up an instrument.


Mastering an instrument takes years of practice. Exposing children to the idea of practice from a young age encourages a drive for excellence. Each hour of practice not only improves performance, but it improves their sense of dedication. They are not only dedicating that hour, but past hours and hours to come. When a child sees the reward from practice, they feel driven to achieve that accomplishment, and the dedication to that instrument continues to blossom.

Music has inspired and led the way to many successful adults. Your child may not be the next Pavarotti, but they will develop skills through music training that will lead to a life of excellence in their adulthood.

7 Things You Should Know to Rock an Audition

I will let you in on a little secret. Auditions will always give you a rush of adrenaline, even as you become a professional. You are completely exposing yourself and being openly judged during the process — this is no easy task, every professional I’ve met agrees. Over the years, these are the most essential things I have learned to master an audition and get the gigs I want.

1. Know what you are auditioning for.

I know this sounds like a “duh” sort of tip, but you would be surprised at how many people show up for an audition and have no idea what they are auditioning for. When I decide to audition for something, I make it my business to know everything about what it is I’m auditioning for.

Know what you need to have prepared for the audition, the time, the location, and any other small details that will make your life easier when the big day comes. It’s always better to be over prepared.

If auditioning for a musical:

Be familiar with the show. Know the characters, which character you plan on auditioning for, and be familiar with the music before you go into the audition. You never know if you’ll be asked to sing something from the show on the spot.

2. Can you commit to the gig if you get it?

The worst thing you can do for your image is to try out for something, land the gig, and then find out you’ve double booked yourself or you can’t commit to the rehearsal schedule. It makes you look unprofessional and puts a strain on production staff, and that does not help your cause down the line.

Save everyone’s time as well as your own if you are not prepared to be committed 100 percent.

3. Choose the right thing to sing.

Know your voice, what it is you want to accomplish with the audition, and make sure it is something you will be comfortable performing under pressure. This is your chance to show off what you are capable of, and song choice can be the ticket.

If auditioning for a musical, there are quite a few things you can accomplish with song choice alone. If you know a part you are interested in, choose a song that is going to be a similar style to that character. If you are looking to be a strong singing role, choose a song that shows how awesome a singer you are.

4. Make sure your audition is prepared

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect audition song(s), it’s time to get them performance ready. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be prepared. First off, we all know that “deer in the headlights” moment when you forget the next line to come in your song. It is a terrible feeling, and can be so easily avoided if you just prepare yourself.

Make sure you know your song inside and out, have any movement ready, and know what it is you are hoping to accomplish with your performance. Work with your voice teacher ahead of time, schedule voice coaching sessions for the day of the audition to prepare your voice. Have your audition notebook all put together with copies of music for the accompanist, and you are ready to shine.

5. Dress with confidence.

If you look good, you’ll feel good. When you go into an audition, choose attire that will make you feel confident. Ladies, you don’t have to sell sex. Worrying about your skirt being too short, tripping in high heels, or too much cleavage is not what your focus should be on. If you are worried about any of those things, then they probably aren’t appropriate choices for attire. Be confident in what you are wearing and sell your voice.

6. Act professional.

By acting professionally, you leave the right impression on the people you are auditioning for. You are selling yourself the moment you walk into an audition, and you want to make the best impression in the short time you have to do it.

If you are not prepared, or you are dressed inappropriately, or you forget your headshot, it looks as though you don’t care. Don’t even make this a question for anyone, show respect and you will earn it.

7. Show them what you’ve got!

It all comes down to this moment. You have done the preparation, you are dressed the part, and you deserve to be in there. Here’s your chance to shine.

Any inhibitions you have the moment you step into the audition need to go out the window. Let the music, the character, or the story take you to the place you want to be, and get lost in the moment. Sing from the heart and let your audience in — it’s what they want. When you give it to them, you give them the most beautiful gift they could ever receive.

Secret Recipe Unveiled: Ultimate Singer’s Healing Throat Tea

Sickness – we all dread it; and yet, we can’t avoid it. Being sick can take a serious toll on your singing, but you’re about to find out the secret to quick, sore throat relief.

Sore Throat Relief for Singers

I have developed my singing blend to be a very cool and soothing tea, with the hibiscus giving a blast of color and fruity flavor. Adding the ginger root, honey, and lemon juice really rounds out the tea and provides a natural, healing remedy.

1 Tbsp. Singer’s Tea or Throat Coat Tea
½ inch cube. Ginger Root
2 tsp. Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp. Honey

hibiscus teaSore Throat Relief for Singer Instructions

Put the honey into the bottom of a 16 oz. mug, and pour boiling water to an inch below the top, dissolving the honey completely. Add the ginger root and your tea-ball into the hot water, and steep for 5 minutes.

Remove the tea-ball, and stir in the lemon juice.

Caution: your tea will be very hot. Sip slowly, and for best results, drink the whole thing as warm as possible. 

Singer’s Tea Recipe

Singers Tea Recipe

Tea For Singers – The Perfect Throat Coat Tea Recipe

Since I follow a no-gluten diet, I have given up on most commercial teas and just make my own blends. I make a loose-leaf tea that I put in a tea ball, and the combination of ingredients provides the perfect soothing tea after a long day of singing.

Singer's Tea Recipe


Singer’s Tea Recipe

½ cup Chamomile Flowers
¼ cup Mint Leaves
¼ cup Hibiscus Flowers
2 Tbsp. Lavender Buds
2 Tbsp. coarsely chopped Star Anise


The mint cools while the chamomilelavender, and star-anise work together to provide a deep and soothing sensation. The hibiscus makes the water turn a bright, pinkish-red color, and gives off a wonderfully fruity flavor. This blend is perfect for a nice relaxing evening tea, or good for giving the throat a nice coat early in the morning. Caffeine free, singers tea.