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Guitar Lessons in Charlotte

Charlotte’s Guitar Lesson Pros!

Learning to play guitar is more than tabs or chords. Guitar lessons cultivate something more…

It all starts today!

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Charlotte Guitar Lessons


Guitar Lessons

Private. One-to-One.

Learn to play guitar in Charlotte from Charlotte’s expert guitar teachers. Every guitar lesson is tailored to each individual student’s needs. Grow and achieve goals with music.

What to expect from guitar lessons in Charlotte

  • Play popular music and songs you love!
  • Learn from pro guitar teachers.
  • Customized curriculum for every student.
  • New exciting guitar lessons every week!
  • Regular performance opportunities:
    • Guitar student recitals
    • Guitar group concerts
    • Community events
  • For all ages and any skill level from beginner to advanced.

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About the Charlotte Guitar Lessons Studio


About the Guitar Lessons


One-to-One Guitar Lessons

Learn to play guitar with an expert. Gain control of your instrument. Find what it takes to rock your next audition. A mentor.

Inspiring Creativity & Success

Grow as a guitarist, week after week. Through to the big audition, get the  inspiration you need. [/fourcol_two] [fourcol_two_last]

Star Quality

Practice on stage using pro tools. Develop the confidence for those once in a lifetime opportunities.

Easy, convenient, & fun

Play guitar & learn to play guitar. On-stage or in-home! Learn what it takes to be a star, one-to-one with experts. [/fourcol_two_last]

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Charlotte Guitar Lessons

The guitar lesson experts.

A team of musical professionals in Charlotte–experts in guitar, voicepiano, and more!

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Charlotte – Guitar Lessons

Charlotte, NC

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Guitar Lessons - Charlotte, NC


Guitar Teachers

Private guitar lessons with a guitar teacher highly skilled in playing and teaching guitar, right at home in Charlotte. All guitar instructors are confident in their craft; they inspire confidence in each student they work with.

Learning guitar with a professional guitar teacher.


Professional Guitar Coaching

Looking for a guitar coach in Charlotte? We’re always available for professional coaching. Contact us today about your guitar coaching needs.


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